curiouslyfic (curiouslyfic) wrote in kirk_sulu,

fic for squarededdie: you stick around (i'll make it worth your while), pg-13

title: you stick around (i'll make it worth your while)
author: curiouslyfic
recipient: squarededdie
rating: pg-13
warnings: none
w/c: ~2k
disclaimer: Star Trek XI is owned by Gene Roddenberry, Paramount Pictures, Bad Robot, etc. Transformative work of that canon.
notes: kirk_sulu exchange fic for squarededdie, who wanted action, adventure, and aliens, preferably with Harry Mudd and some sort of consciousness-stealing artefact for Sulu to encounter. Epic prompt deserved epic fic but somehow, this happened instead. I hope you like it, squarededdie. Beta by wantsunicorns, mistakes by me.
summary: Sharing a skin-form with Sulu is perhaps the single most frustrating experience of your life, and not just because you spend all of it cloistered in the pale caves of its ship.
Tags: fanfiction

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